intrukcje szablony loga do druku poradniki nadruki
Burning moon
New official Rinne Lasair logo, depicting a crescent moon with blades and a fox/wolf mask. In the minimalist version, logo is without mask and fire.

Below you can see the process of making this logo.

First I start of sketch on paper. I like night, moon and I realy like fire xD So i end up with concept; burning moon. Lasair means flame, and Rinne - soul wandering, so i was thinking that this is quite good. My friend told me, that this look more like burning banana, so I start to work more on shape.

I've changed fire to more geometrical. Next I was rotate moon and I added crushes.

When I found good position of moon, I start to thinking that this is sill not enough. In place when now you can see mask I was adding difrrent things, like ~horocope scorpio. I also added blades.

Below you can see my attempts to make a minimalist version, and to change purple fire to black.

Final effect compared to sketch.

To remind you, this is the old logo :D 

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